Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Pattern Kits and Halloweenies

Much has happened since my last blog post and I must confess that I didn't quite realise how much time had slipped away in the mean time!  I finished sewing up the Tag-Along's and am now waiting for the supplies to come in the mail so that I can begin making up the little kits for them.  I think they turned out quite nicely and I'm hoping that they will inspire children of all ages to try their hand at sewing.  As I mentioned before, each kit will contain a pattern - there are seven to choose from and include a bunny, bear, kitten, raccoon, fox, owl and a little doll; a piece of felt, a pair of safety eyes and a snippet of seam binding to tie about the neck.  There will be two levels of difficulty - superdy duperdy easy and very easy!  Can't get much easier than that!
Here's what they look like...

Once the supplies get here and I've put all the kits together, it'll be time for another give away and the winner will get to pick which Tag-Along kit they'd like to make.  Hope you'll all enter for that!

This week, I started working on a few new designs that I came up with while we were away on holidays.  These are the Halloweenies...

On the left is the first set I made.  Mabeline the witch, Ms Batticus and Baby Boo.  The second set on the right include Ozzy the bat, Winnie, Minnie and Whispy.  Unfortunately I've completely run out of the white and black felt as well as the pale green I used for the witches faces.  Got to wait for more to come in the mail:(  I just hate it when I'm having fun with a project and then I run out of something that I just can't go to the store for!  Oh well, it'll give me time to write up the patterns for them!

Here's a little peek at the baldies:)

Tomorrow is a very special day!  It's my Nannykins' 94th birthday and we're having a big party for her!  She'll be in for a real treat and I can't wait to share the day with her!  Hope you all have a good one too:)


  1. They are so incredibly cute! I think they will inspire everyone.

  2. It's good to see a new post from you!

    I'm really excited about the kits! I think I will end up ordering one for myself. (I'm not a child, but I haven't done that sort of sewing before.)
    So, for young and old the kits will help us learn to sew! lol

  3. Supercute, as usual! Especially Baby Boo! Not as scary as the name may imply. ;-)

  4. Thanks Sarah and Millasew! So nice of you to pop in for a visit! And you're right Sarah, any age is a good age to learn how to sew!

  5. So lovely! I am particularly taken by the little ghosties :)

  6. Happy, happy birthday to your Grandmother! Treasure the day, Shelly.

    Your latest are so adorable, I run out of superlatives :-) And yes, its awful to run out of something that is only available via the internet. But, its good it gave you time to write the instructions :-)


  7. Thank you ladies!

    Nannykins is having a lovely day, we've just had a little pre-party for her and are now waiting for the other guests to arrive so we can have tea and cake!

  8. Love love love!!!! I will be first in line for the Halloween patterns AND the kits. You are so talented!
    Happy Birthday to Nannykins!

  9. aww... can't wait for the items to be in your shop...
    so getting one, but which one??? its so cute... so hard to choose!!!


  11. Hi sweetie, I just found your blog..your work is amazing!! I hope to be able to sew like you some day..take care xoxo

  12. I don't see any recent posts. Does anyone know if she is around somewhere?


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