Paper Dolls and Parkland Stufflings

I've been working on some new things this week and wanted to share some photos of my Parkland Stufflings which consist of Bunnies, Raccoons and Squirrels. 

I'm so excited about these little guys!!

Florence Bunny is finished and I'm hoping to get the next two done this weekend.  These will also be available as patterns in the near future.  And that means another GIVEAWAY!!  Hope you all enter for it!

The paper dolls I designed a little while ago are finally available in my shop.  I've done them in three different versions:  already cut and assembled, you cut and assemble, or you colour, cut and assemble.  They are lots of fun to play with and would look lovely in a shadow box frame as a piece of art.

Have a fun weekend:)


  1. I am so happy to have found your blog and have enjoyed your work...your link is on my sidebar so I don't miss a thing : )

  2. Thanks Julie! I'm so glad you popped in for a visit!

  3. Your parkland creatures are so cute! Oh and paper dolls ....they bring back memories of when I was a child. I used to love my paper dolls but they didn't look as good as yours :)

  4. Hi Ruby! Thank you for your kind words! I also loved playing with paper dolls when I was younger and making these brought back happy memories for me too!

  5. wow, can't wait for the pattern, and those paper dolls just love the tenue colours of them
    joan in italy

  6. Oh I love your new little animals and the paper dolls are to die for!
    I love to make paper dolls!

    Your design is stunning as always.

  7. I used to LOVE paper dolls!! your parkland stufflings are adorable!!

  8. Hello, It looks beautiful and tender! I love the colors and contrasts you use in your creations, unique and distinctive look makes yours! Greetings, Rose Marie

  9. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, they mean so much! The Parkland Stufflings are coming along VERY slowly, slower than I'd like, but such is life.

    I'm planning on doing a Paper Doll Giveaway within the next day or so, so please come and visit again:)

  10. indeed, you stufflings are beautiful. can't wait for you to finish them. love to see how it turn out. i would love to win this pattern give away.
    and you now have 300 follower. =]


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