Baby Blue

A quick hello to share some new things I've made over the last week or so.  Today I finished up a new little bear named Baby Blue.

Baby Blue is made from pale blue mohair. He has glass eyes, a cute embroidered nose and he's the first bear that I've designed that incorporates a head gusset.  I plan on making more in this style and have also used a cotter pin so that his little head can move from side to side.

I made two companions for Baby - Cloudi and Puff.  They are hand embroidered and made from Japanese felt and fit into a little tote made from hand woven felt.  I appliqued a tiny red heart to the front of it and blanket stitched the edge to give it a neater look.

Also completed are the Parkland Stufflings:  Florence Bunny, Rosie Raccoon and Sesame Squirrel.

For the next few days, I'll be busy with a couple of custom orders.  After that, I am putting all custom orders on hold for a bit while I concentrate on making more of my patterns available for my shop.  I'm planning on adding patterns for the mohair bears/bunnies/kittens as well as the Scary Stufflings and Parkland Stufflings.  So, for those of you who have requested certain patterns, you won't have to wait too long!! 

Enjoy your day:)


  1. I absolutely love your patterns, to bad I'm not good at sewing :(

  2. Sweet Baby Blue and the other animals, I love them all.....looking forward too the pattern.

  3. These are all wonderful!
    Those little cloud-pals are positively precious!

  4. Love little Baby Blue!! thanks for sharing on my blog too!

  5. So lovely and sweet!!. I'm really in love with your creations!!. :)

  6. Such a sweet collection and I love those little smilely clouds too!

  7. Blue is such a loving handful, Shelly :-)


  8. So so cute. I just started sewing again since my second youngest daughter is having a baby. I just love your patterns, can't wait to purchase one and start a new project. I wrote a feature about you here on one of my blog spaces; to see post just visit I hope you enjoy the feature. Theresa

  9. Thank you Lola, Ann and Beth!
    That was very sweet of you Theresa, thank you ever so much!!

  10. Do you still have a sweet little blue?
    He tugs at my heart in the deepest of ways.. He reminds me of my baby boy for some reason and makes me smile. See I lost him years ago and I've never had anything stand out to me so very much in a reminder of him. I love this little bear and he is the cutest little guy ever.

    Anyhow, if you have one in stock of could make another please let me know. Blue really is perfect.
    Thank you

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