Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dress Up

Sometimes it's nice to take a break and do something different.  I had an urge to make some Blythe dresses this week and at the same time gave each of my girls a little bit of much needed attention!  I really haven't had much time to  enjoy them lately, well, except for customizing my little Ginger Snap, so it was great to use them as models for the photo shoots!

From left to right - Ginger Snap, Peony and Skye.

Spring Garden Dress with tiny pink buttons at neckline and glass beads at hem.  Matching hair bow included.

Princess Dress in the most adorable fabric!  Tiny hearts, puff sleeves, glass beads and lacy trim.  Perfect for a little princess!

Spring Garden Dress with tiny turquoise buttons on a square necked bodice.  Glass beads at hem and a matching hair bow.

Those were so much fun to do!  Thank heavens I got all the pics taken because as I was taking this last one, my camera slipped off the box Ginger Snap is standing on and broke!! :(  @#&*$%!!


  1. i love the pattern on the little blue dress! i'm sorry about your camera i hope you manage to get it fixed!

  2. So pretty all of them :) I like to mix it up and do different things too - feeds the fuel of inspiration, whilst giving your mind a break from the usual... They all look so sweet and happy for the attention given :)

  3. Love your work and blog!!


  4. Too cute, all the dresses look amazing, I really love the dolls too:)

  5. Thanks for popping in for a visit and for your kind words Leny and Toyin!

  6. Oh my goodness... where did you get the Princess Dress (the blue one with the little figures on it) fabric from?!

  7. Hi Heather,

    Sorry I'm so slow to reply, but the fabric comes from a shop on etsy:
    Not much on her shelves right now, but hopefully she'll get some more soon:)

  8. Oh...I had that happen to me last winter. I cried for days like somebody had died. Luckily my husband knew I needed a camera and found a replacement for me. I love the felt dolls!


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