Saturday, June 5, 2010

Viola, Lexi and Gwyn

I had a craving to make some Little Ladies this week.  It's been awhile since I got some made and I really love the whole process of deciding on all the details that go into making them.  So, I traced the outlines for six bodies and got to work embroidering each little face.  Once that was done, I sewed, stuffed and closed all the openings on two of the bodies and decided what colour yarn to use for each one's hair.  Lexi and Viola are the first two to emerge.  You might notice that Gwyn's little face is familiar if you've been following my blog.  She started out as Paige (a few posts ago), and I gave her a new look.  I made her a new 'do', with a copper organic cotton yarn, and whipped up a new dress in an adorable animal print.  I think her new hair colour brings out the colour of her eyes better.  I'll be listing these girls in my Etsy shop tomorrow.  Next week I'll be working on the rest and I'm hoping to get them all listed by next weekend.

From left to right -Lexi, Gwyn and Viola.

Below is a photo of the girls before I stuff them.

Each dress was made with new fabrics that I've been dying to try!  I love the softness of the background colour of each piece, and the prints are darling. 

Once the dresses are sewn up, I hand sew the neckline and attatch a hook and eye closure at the back.  Then I root through all my trims and decide what I'm going to use to finish them off.

This time I ended up using the same trim for all three - I kinda thought it was a dainty touch!

If you'd like to see more photo's of these girls, please check my flickr:

Have a wonderful Sunday:)


  1. They are wonderful, Shelly.
    Especially Viola, I love her hair.
    The dresses are great, as usual.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. What a fun post, Shelly. I love seeing these little girls; I could never get enough of them :-) You truly capture the dollmakers heart with your words.


  3. Thank you ladies!

    Ana, I just love that colour of purple too, but find it hard to co-ordinate with the colour of fabric that I usually have on hand. Thankfully, I noticed some light purple on the fabric I chose for her dress:)

    Beth, thanks for your kind words! I love the whole process of making them - except for the stuffing part! I seem to have a hard time with the neck area, and even though I use a popsicle stick to re-inforce them, they can be quite finicky! Your dolls always look so perfectly stuffed, do you have a special technique? Would love to know if there's an easier way!


  4. What lovely little ladies. It was wonderful to see the process you go through to create one of these wee beauties. Cheers!

  5. Hi Shelly!

    Without a doubt the neck is the hardest part to stuff and get 'right.' Here are a couple things I do. One, a neck dart helps, believe it or not. I make a small one in both the front and the back.

    Second, damping the fabric before stuffing really helps the stuffing look smooth. What I think this does is help to relax the fabric fibers while you are stuffing, then when the fabric dries it shrinks slightly...this seems to take the wrinkles out of the fabric. I learned this from Gail Wilson, and now I always dampen the fabric.

    Your girls always look perfectly stuffed, so whatever you are doing is working beautifully :-)



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