Little Ladies on hold for our Holidays

It seems that my days are getting busier as the summer begins.  We've had a busy household with the boys doing end of the year exams, spring cleaning, and for me, finishing up some last minute custom orders before we leave for our summer holidays.  We'll be away for most of July and are planning a scenic trip of British Columbia.  I'll be closing my etsy shop on Wednesday, June 30, and will hopefully re-open it on the 18 or 19 of July.  Anything sold up till Wednesday will be shipped before I leave.

I am adding a new Little Lady - Josie, and she is the last of the six I started a few weeks ago.  I was lucky to find enough of my favourite blue soy wool yarn in my stash to make her hair, but that is the end of it and I cannot find it anymore.  She'll be in my shop tomorrow (Saturday).

British Columbia is such a lovely part of Canada and we're all excited about our little expidition!  I'm going to keep a little diary and take lots of pic's to share when I get back.  I feel a little sad that I'll be leaving my embroidery thread, fabric, felt and yarns here while we're away because I work on some aspect of my Ladies or anime bears everyday.  It kinda feels like I'm leaving a special part of me behind!  But I have a plan - I'll be taking my little sketch book with me, 'cause you never know when a new idea might stike!  I'm also taking my clay and watercolour paints and maybe, when I return, there will be something new to bring back with me!  

A few weeks back, a sweet little Saffy Blythe moved in with us.  She was the first to come and I thought she was pretty cute.  My mom on the other hand, thought she was pretty ugly!  Lol!  Well, this week my hubby took her head apart, boggled her eyelids and we both removed her eye chips.  I then got to work sanding her face and removing all traces of her make up.  When that was done, I used a pencil crayon to add colour to her lips and cheeks and then used pastel chalk on her lids.  She also got new eye chips and lashes and when all was ready, hubby put her back together and added a new pull string to give her sleepy eyes.  We had some problems with a couple of eye chips falling out and into her head, so she had to be opened up a few more times to retrive them.  Thanks heavens my dearest has the patience of a saint and I'm so lucky to have a guy who'll help me with the most unusual things!!  So, her name is Skye, couldn't resist after painting her lids that lovely shade of blue!  My mom likes her much better now:)  You can see the rext of the customization pic's on my flickr:

Yesturday a new girl arrived in the post.  She is a Simply Peppermint Blythe and I've named her Julip.  When we get back from our trip, my hubby dearest will have to start the whole process all over again.  I can't wait!! 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I think it´s amazing how complicate is to customize a Blythe doll. She looks so beautiful!
    You new doll Julip is very lovely too.
    I hope you´ll have great holidays, I´m sure that your sketch book will be full of great ideas when you come back!
    Have a great time! Hugs.

  2. Have a wonderful and safe vacation trip, Shelly :-) We will miss seeing new dolls from you, but look forward to whatever treasures you may share with us when you return.



  3. Thanks so much Ana and Beth, will look forward to hearing from you and seeing all the lovely things you've created while I'm away!

  4. Have a great time and hope to see loads of pics when you get home!!You are doing such a great job customizing your lovely girl:))and of course your handmade dolls are as cute as a button!!!


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