Thursday, March 19, 2015

A New Look for Flora the Explorer!

Flora the Explorer has had a make over!  I've tweaked her pattern here and there and I hope you'll agree that her new look is much cuter than before! 
 The newest version of the pattern includes a slightly different face grid for facial feature placement, bigger eyes, shorter legs, a brand new suitcase and a sweet little bow!  I've also completely re-written her pattern and have included many photos showing how to make her.
I've made a bunch of these sweet kitties in different colours and each one is available as a kit in my Etsy shop.
Below is the original Flora which I created a couple of years ago - you can read more about her here:
And then I re-did her pattern a while later and created the ones below:
They are positively beady-eyed and unfriendly looking in comparison!
I hope you like her new look!