Thursday, February 7, 2013

Free Paper Doll Download and the Mini Moppets

If you love paper dolls as much as I do, I have a little surprise for you! 
 Three colour-your-own, articulated paper dolls for you to download!  These girls print up quite big - in fact, they measure about 12 inches tall once assembled.  You'll need some heavier paper (card stock), mini brads and whatever you or your little ones like to colour in with.  I used a combination of coloured pencils, pan pastels and good old wax crayons to embellish mine, but you can get out your poster paints, water colours, felt markers, etc...
 As you can see, my table is covered with q-tips, sponges, coloured pencils and my newest favourite things - pan pastels - which are so nice to use!  One tip if you are working with pastels, cover the area you've already coloured with a clean piece of paper so that you don't smear your work.  Trust me, I know!  If you can find a pastel fixative, even better!  This allows you to work on an area, spray it with the fixative, allow to dry for a few moments and then move to the next area without worrying about smudges.  Pastels are so pretty, but the chalky dust can ruin a carefully coloured picture within seconds!
Here's a comparison shot of the size difference between my regular paper doll, on the right, and the new one, on the left.  
To download these dolls, please click each name:  Paperdoll Penelope, Paperdoll Prudence and Paperdoll Rowan.

Before I go, I just want to share three other dolls with you.  Most of you have seen them, but for those who haven't, here are the Mini Moppets.
These little dolls are teensy and measure about 5 inches tall.  I used a flat tooth pick to stuff their arms and legs!  Each wears a pretty little dress made from a light weight cotton, which ties above the shoulders, and their hair has been needle felted onto their heads.  The pattern for them is now available in my shop.

Please excuse the nudie pic, but here's a look at how tiny she is!
After her hair treatment:)
All dressed!

I hope you have lots of fun colouring and assembling the paper dolls!  Oh, and one more thing, I've created a group page on flickr where you can share all your Gingermelon creations.  Please pop over and take a peek at all the wonderful photos and I'd love it if you could add your own:

Have a happy week:)
~Shelly  xo