Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunny Barrette and Brooch Tutorial

Hi everyone!  I haven't done a tutorial for quite some time and I think I've come up with a sweet little project you'll enjoy!  These dear bunnies can be made into hair barrettes or brooches and would look perfectly adorable for an Easter outing or really for any day at all!

To download the pattern, please click here: PATTERN PIECES

So, here's what you'll need:  Felt, matching embroidery thread, barrettes and/or a 1 inch brooch pin, a water soluble pen and a pink pencil crayon.

Cut out pattern pieces, lay onto felt and cut out.

Starting with one of the bunny bodies, place the tail just off centre as shown and applique on.  This will be the front body.

Using your water soluble marker, mark a little eye and embroider on.

Place the two inner ears together and whip stitch all the way around, ending at the bottom edge with a blanket stitch.  Keep the thread attached.

Place the inner ear onto the back bunny body, slightly overlapping the bottom edge onto the top of the head as shown.  Please click on the image to get a better view:)  Applique bottom edge of ear onto head.

Place front body onto back body, making sure that the edges are evenly aligned. Whip stitch all the way around, starting at the right side of the neck.  Again, don't end off the thread as you'll need it to sew on the little bow.

Position the bow in the centre of the neck and stitch the very middle onto the body.  If you have a good length of thread left over, take it through to the back of the bunny as you'll be using it to attach the barrette or brooch pin next.

If you're making a brooch, place the pin lengthwise at the back of the bunny and sew it on securely, making sure that you sew it to the back body only - you don't want to see little stitches poking through at the front!  Attach the barrette in the same manner.

Congratulations!!  Hope you enjoyed making these little darlings!