Friday, January 27, 2012

Eleanor and Prudence

Eleanor and Prudence have been sitting in a box filled with pretty fabrics for the longest time!  Well, I should say that their bodies were all made up, but I was saving them for a special idea.  Finally, this week, I dug them out of their cozy home and began their transformation. 

This is how they turned out!  Eleanor, above left, with Prudence on the right - named of course after two of my favourite Beatles songs!

Each little doll measures about 5 inches tall and is made from unbleached muslin.  I made their little 'button' eyes out of paper clay and then painted them black.  Their dresses are made from Japanese cotton and I've added a teeny beaded apron for each.

Pinning on their hair.

Little baldies:)

These tiny rag-dolls are available for adoption in my shop and would make wonderful friends for a bigger doll.

Wishing you a creative weekend:)


  1. So cute. I love their "old fashioned" look

  2. Gorgeous - up to your usual standard! Where have you been, or have I just missed your posts? Anyway, nice to see you around again. What's next?
    I'm expanding my lot soon - with a Raccoon, both dressed and plain, and a Beaver (glove puppet version and stuffed toy - as well! Others are in the pipeline!

    Don't expect these cuties will be around for long1

  3. Hi! Thank you all for coming to see my new girls and for your wonderful comments, I'm so glad you like them!

  4. They are so gorgeous Shelly!!!
    I adore the clothing, those little dresses are divine!!!
    Vicky xxxx

  5. Hi Vicky:) Thank you! I think the eyes were the hardest part! I had to make so many of them to begin with and had problems with finding something small enough to cut them out with. I eventually used the end of a mechanical pencil as a 'cookie cutter', but then used the wrong type of clay at first - goodness, what a pain in the butt for such a small part of the process!

  6. These are adorable - I actually like them bald!

  7. Just like all of your creations, they are sweet through and through :-)


  8. So beautiful! I love their little aprons. And being from Liverpool I'm also a big Beatles fan. Eleanor rigby always reminds me of home x

  9. adorable! I love the cute and sweet faces of these two little ones.

  10. Olá!
    Suas bonecas são lindas! Parabéns


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