Congrats to the Winners!

Hello dear friends!  I have an important announcement to make today!  Three lucky winners will be receiving the Halloween Ornament Patterns! 

They are:
Mia (please contact me with your email address)

Congratulations to you all and many thanks to all who entered this giveaway for your sweet comments!

I decided to make a little felt house this week.  It didn't quite turn out as planned:(  I spent quite some time embroidering it and putting it all together and was pretty pleased with the result until I started stuffing it.  Had I given it some thought, I would have made a cardboard insert to provide some stability to the house, but it didn't occur to me until after the whole thing was stuffed and sewn up and bulging out like a little puffed up balloon house!  Will have to try another one sometime!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and to my Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. You're little felt house is so lovely!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you! (I'm in the US, but want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving there.)

  2. Yay yay yay!! My sons will enjoy making these with me! Thanks so much!!

    ...And I adore your puffy bubble-house. Too cute. ^_^

  3. Congrats to the winners! Now to go order mine!!! I love your little house Shelly, like everything you create - it is precious!!!

  4. Puffed out or not, I love the little house.

  5. I really love your little house!!

  6. Thank you everyone, so glad you like the little house anyway!

  7. Hello, what a sweet little house. I have a bucilla ornament kit that makes little houses out of felt--and the instructions were to cut out 2 pieces of felt for every part of the house. You sew on three sides of the 2 felt pieces to make a section, and then insert the cardboard in between the 2 pieces where you have not stitched yet. Then the cardboard is in between the felt and keeps it shape. The ornament did not have a bottom, so you could see the inside of the house through the bottom. If you are making a house with the bottom, your inside felt could be any color that you would like to use up. Without a bottom, you could put things underneath it for a suprise when it is lifted up!! Hope this helps--have a great week. Judy

  8. The little house is just adorable and I would not have noticed the puffing out look until you mentioned it. :)

    ~ Melinda

  9. What a wonderful idea Judy! Thanks so much for sharing, that definitely makes sense and I will give it a try next time I make one!

    Thanks so much everyone for all your sweet comments!

  10. Hi Shelly, I just thought I would let you know that you made Django's day when he found out he had won. He has felt out, patterns printed off and is wanting to know when we can start:)

  11. Oh wonderful! I'm so happy that he's excited about the project! Hope he'll send some pics!

  12. Awww! Your felt house is so adorable! :-) And congrats to the lucky winners!


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