Sweet Pea and Chester

Chester's job at the Sweet Stuffling Circus is to show people to their seats and make sure they're comfortable while Sweet Pea sells candy floss and giant lollypops during the interval.  However, once the lights have dimmed and the show's begun, they may be found stealing kisses or sharing a bright, swirly wirly lolly!

Sweet Pea is made from hand dyed felt.  I chose the pale pink and blue to make you think of cotton candy.  She wears a beaded crown and tutu and measures about 4 inches seated.

I wanted Chester to compliment Sweet Pea's colouring so he is made from the same pale blue felt and a lovely houndstooth moss green felt.  He wears a beaded top hat and waistcoat and measures about 4.5 inches tall seated.

Both Chester and Sweet Pea are looking for new homes and are available in my shop today.



  1. Just a question....you said that they are made from felt but it looks like they are made from a woven material. Do you mean felted wool? I'm just curious as I want to use the right fabric for the pattern:)Although I guess you could use either.

  2. Hi Mary Ann, yes, it is a hand woven/dyed wool felt and it's wonderfully soft to work with. I'm sure regular craft felt would be fine too, though it might be a little stiffer.

  3. These are precious! What a fairy-tale ending it would be if these two little gems went to the same loving home!

    I suppose that is the hopeless romantic in me...

    I'm truly glad that I found your blog!


  4. Thank you Shelly for replying. They are so cute. I love them:)


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