Petal and Bungles

I did something 'scary' this week that should have been done a  l o n g  time ago.  I cut out some mohair.  Now, I've had this mohair for months and every time I took it out and looked at it, I would run my fingers over the beautiful fabric thinking of all the sweet little bears/kittens etc. I could make with it.  But, silly me, I was too nervous to try and cut it up because I was worried about cutting it incorrectly!    As most bear makers know, only the backing must be cut while the little hairs must be avoided to ensure the seams stay nice and furry.  My, but I can waste a lot of time by being too scared to do something!  So, as in most things I do, I waited for the appropriate amount of scaredy cat time to pass and then I thought 'What the Heck' and just went for it!  When will I ever learn to just do whatever it is I want to do without spending months agonizing over what might go wrong??

The mohair came in a kit with a sweet bunny pattern by Vivianne Galli, so I very carefully cut out each piece, only wrecking the first piece mind you, and in no time at all, my little Bungles came to life.

I named him after a doll I had when I was little.  It's a strange name, but I guess I must've liked the sound of it then, though who knows how I came up with it!

I wanted to give Bungles a vintagey, well-loved look, so I rubbed him with watery brown paint and plucked hairs from around his nose, eyes, paws and ear tips.  I added blush to his nose and ears and to finish him off, I gave him a silvery mauve bow with a tiny bell at his neck.

I loved making him so much that I decided to make another one the next day using a pattern I designed.

This is Petal.  It took my a few attempts at getting the pattern just how I wanted it, but I'm loving it!  I think she's soooo sweet!

Again, I distressed her with the watered down brown paint, concentrating it around her eyes, paws and belly.  Instead of the German glass eyes, I used safety eyes and appliqued a little nose on.  A crocheted cotton scarf with a detatchable beaded flower is tied at her neck.

I can tell you one thing - life's too short to worry about messing something up!!

Both Bungles and Petal make wonderful companions for Blythes, Pullips and other collectable dolls.


  1. These are so precious, I love them! Petal and Bungles look so adorable together. What a perfect little addition to any doll.

  2. they are so cute and tiny, how sweet, never be afraid to make dolls YAY

  3. okay, these are adorable! and I, too, have a piece of lovely mohair that i stare at from time to time, afraid to cut into.

    any advice (other then just do it!)? how do you not mess it up (how did you mess up your first piece?).

    i really want to try a bear, but keep waiting for advice on how to proceed.

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Jill, when I cut the first piece, I didn't have the nose of the scissors under the hair - that's the key, a very sharp pair of small scissors and just slide the tips under the hairs while you cut. SOunds hard, but really it's the easiest thing! When I sewed up the pieces, I used an orange stick to push the little hairs away from the edges, so they all went inside. ONce you turn the fabric, you can use the back of a needle to gently pull them up and fluff them.

    Hope that helps:)

  5. They are both amazing, Shelly.
    I have to add that they are wonderful companions for collectable dolls... and for Anas too! Hahaha! I simply adore your sweet bears.

  6. A wonderful post, Shelly, to remind us to 'go for it!'and see what magical things unfold :-) Your Bungles and Petal are certainly magical!


  7. So delicate and lovely...well done!

  8. Thanks! I'm going to have to try is soon. I just misplaced my little sharp Gingher scissors, otherwise, I'd probably being trying it right now :).

  9. My first visit to your blog and it's charming! I'm so glad I found it.

    I did a similar thing when I decided I would learn how to electrify a dollhouse. I bought all the supplies, read all the instructions, and sat and stared at everything for a full 24 hours before I got up the nerve to do anything. :)

    I'm I'll be back. Love those little mohair babies!

    Cia of Briarwood Miniatures

  10. Great, can't wait to see what you create Jill!

    Hi Cia, it's so nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind words!


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