A Couple of Love Birds

These two little cuties are finally done! Actually, Miss Chirp was finished quite a few days ago, and today she finally got to meet Mr Tweet. He's a handsome fellow, sporting a silky green bow tie, and she's adorable with her appliqued flowered wing. They're on their way to an afternoon picnic, where Mr Tweet will hopefully convince her to become his birdie bride. Hope all goes well!!

I made these two from the most beautiful hand-woven, hand-dyed felt that I get from April at Felt-o-rama. She carries the most wonderful, colourful felt around. You can see them both in my etsy shop, along with other handmade dolls, anime bears etc.


  1. They're beautiful, and so tiny too! Yes, I love that felt, how gorgeous! It does look really nice & soft. :-)

  2. Thank you! It's absolutely the nicest felt I've ever tried!

  3. oh my goshhhh,,, is there a pattern for these guys?


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