Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alice, Olivia and Grace

Recently, I was commissioned to create two dolls for a very dear lady in England.  She had purchased my first little paperclay doll, Maya and decided that she wanted two more to share with her mom and best friend.  I of course, was delighted to have the honour of creating these little lovelies for her and, after many convo's back and forth about hair and eye colour, favourite colours and names, they're ready for their new homes.  I decided to do another doll while I was at it, and she is my version of the beloved 'Alice'.  All were sculpted from paperclay and their little faces and shoes were painted with water colour paint.  For Olivia, the pale blonde haired doll, and Grace, the brunette, I used mohair for their hair, and for Alice, I used a stawberry blonde braided wool.  For their dresses, I used embroidered cotton lace and embelished them with ribbon. and embroidery thread.  Olivia and Grace wear fabric flower hair ornaments, while Alice's is made with metal.  Olivia and Grace will be travelling to their new homes tomorrow, and Alice is available in my shop.

I would like to share their process....




It's hard to express how wonderful it is to see these dolls evolve from a lump of clay, bits of fabric and a little imagination! 

Have a lovely Sunday:)


  1. so cute, please make more, I want one so badly
    your fairy friend and big fan

  2. Shelly, such awesome dolls! They are such diminutive, sweet perfection :-) Your body sculpt is great, and so good of you to share their creation with us.


  3. Wonderful dolls!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thank you so much ladies! More on the way soon!

  5. Oh they are so pretty! I love Grace!

  6. I love watching your work in progress. It´s magical how they become real pieces of art. You are so talented, Shelly!

  7. Such a beautiful post of your work - your little dolls are divine!

  8. Thank you Alicia, Ana and Love Lui!

  9. Your little dolls are so beautiful and I really enjoyed your works in progress.


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